Laser Scraper Models B & D

Construction and Design Features

-The scraper is designed to apply downward pressure
   on the tractor bar when being pulled. This transfers
   additional weight to the tractor's rear wheels and helps
   to increase traction.

-The vertical back on the scraper bucket helps dirt in
    the bucket to dump easier and more efficiently when

-The cutting blade is set in a manner to provide
    improved cutting ability. This eliminates the scraping
    of the soil found on most scrapers.

-Hardened, replacement steel bushings are used
    throughout the scraper for increased wear life and
    easier servicing.

-The scraper's ball hitch maintains positive and
    constant contact with the tractor. This reduces play,
    increases accuracy and improves the scraper's
    response time.

-Skid assemblies are mounted on the backframe, which
    provide solid scraper stability. This added stability
    eliminates "duckwalking," especially while running at
    higher speeds.

-Cast alloy bearings mounts with hardened pins
    used to attach scraper backframe to bucket are both
    long wearing, easy to replace and adjustable to
    compensate for blade wear.


-The scraper's single hydraulic cylinder
    operation ensures uniform and accurate
    up and down blade/bucket movement.
    This feature also eliminates the problem
    with two cylinders trying to maintain
    identical extension and contraction as the
    blade begins to wear.

-Replaceable, longwearing cast alloy wear
    plates are used on the skid assembly.

-Grease fittings are located on the ball hitch
    socket and on the hydraulic cylinder for
    daily servicing.

-Adjustable and replaceable side wear plates
    are used on the scraper bucket.

Optional features:
   -Manual or hydraulic rippers can be
       on the scraper to scarify hard ground.

   -Conversion for use in orchards.

   -Removable axles/spindles provide for
       easy servicing of hubs and replacement
       if necessary.



Model B



Lbs/Ft of Blade

Heaped Capacity

Horse Power Rating

11'-0" 3560 lbs. 322 3.33 cubic yds. 90HP to 120HP
13'-0" 3770 lbs. 290 3.93 cubic yds. 120HP to 140HP

Model D



Lbs/Ft of Blade

Heaped Capacity

Horse Power Rating

12'-0" 4140 lbs.  345 5.13 cubic yds. 110 HP to 120 HP
14'-0" 4550 lbs. 325 6.0 cubic yds.

140 HP MIN

16'-0" 4960 lbs. 310 6.86 cubic yds.

160 HP MIN

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